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"The Lexington Stretch has an almost nostalgic vibe to it, maybe because it’s a reminder of what we really look for in music – the human touch. Every song sounds the way you might expect it to sound if you were sitting in a club, watching a live performance....The Lexington Stretch is, above all, an earthy album – one that gets into your ears and under your skin. I think The Jorgensens hit their target."

 -Bert Saraco

"Totally engaging throughout, this pair is going to be making more than noise along the way as they spread their joyful noise."

- Chris Spector


"I don’t know if my system can handle this kinda genius."

- Red Carpet Living

"Don’t be surprised if the duo brings in a bag full of awards for this one. I am thoroughly impressed, especially by it’s timeless feel and consistently great vibes."

- Joshua Smotherman

"It’s an organic album mixing elements of folk, blues, rock and more. And oh my god this album sounds like people playing together in an actual room. Amazing."

- Matt Jensen

"The instrumentation on this album topnotch, from beginning to end, and the singing is never less than passionate. The Lexington Stretch doesn’t sound like anything in popular music today."

-Dan MacIntosh 

"This is great disc packed full of blues, jazz and more. It really is a breath of the past in so many ways. Yet, somehow there is a bit of a modern edge to it, too."

- Gary Hill

"There are new music releases every day that sound distinctly of their time, fitting for the cultural moment into which they are born. Then there’s the music that gives listeners pause, songs that sound hauntingly familiar and yet like nothing you’ve heard—at least not lately. This is where The Jorgensens come into play."

-Meghan Roos

"As I listened to each of the songs for the first time, I kept thinking, "“Mmm, that’s good,”" and then, when you listen another time or two you get a real appreciation of how good they really are....This is seriously good music, to be enjoyed by anyone who loves blues or Americana. The Jorgensens are a band that I hope we will hear much, much more from in the future. Go get yourself a  copy."


"Their music is as entertaining as it is biographical of their life and love for each other....Blues and Americana enthusiasts will love this album. The recording quality is top-shelf as is the musicianship, songwriting, and vocals launching the well-written songs on “The Lexington Stretch”"


"Blues and Americana enthusiasts will love this album. The recording quality is top-shelf as is the musicianship, songwriting, and vocals launching the well-written songs on “The Lexington Stretch” – all, of which, are originals with the exception of the Willie Dixon tune, “If the Sea Was Whiskey” (Kurt has been a Dixon fan since the age of 15)."

"Arrangements have a unique balance sounding like true labors of love with every moment obsessed over. By far the highlight comes from the incredible vocals that seem to transit from an entirely different time and place."

- Beachsloth

"The Lexington Stretch is an absolute treat for the ears and the soul, soothing the energy in the room with gritty yet smooth blues melodies, seductive harmonies, and songwriting that digs right into the core of the human experience in a poetic and       completely engaging way."     - Rebecca Cullen 


"Now this, this is just wonderful.  A slinky soulful song by Kurt Jorgensen and Brianna Tagg-Jorgensen from their forthcoming album ‘The Lexington Stretch‘, out on September 14th.  If there’s any more like this one it (and there will be we’re sure), it’ll be an essential acquisition."

- Jeremy Searle

"Only one word can describe “Storyville”: Timeless-sounding! (I know, that’s kind-of two words, but who cares!)"

-Quincy Dominic

 "Storyville is an acoustic oasis that turns out to be a fusion of blues, folk, rock, and soul. It’s an easy and memorable groove that gives praise to Storyville, New Orleans."

- Warlock Asylum

"The Jorgensens did an amazing job at bringing the staples of this timeless sound back to life, but their music is not just for people with a nostalgic taste. If you enjoy the tone of modern acts such as The Lumineers, as well as Of Monsters And Men, and Mumford and Sons, you are definitely going to enjoy the sound of this one."

- The Bandcamp Diaries

"Packed with a whole lot of soul, some super sweet vocal harmonies, and mellow, lonely yet grabbing melodies, Storyville presents us with an intimate session with The Jorgensens."

- Joshua Smotherman

"the listener of sophisticated music can enjoy a packed musical end result that can not only be seen but also heard."

- Philipp Gottfried

"It’s beyond perfection, straight-up – this is what the Soul sound is all about – welcome to “Storyville.”

- Jer@SBS

"...this is a celebration, a torch being held aloft and a bridge to the future for a golden age sound."

- Dave Franklin

"It demonstrates the uncluttered simplicity of their work, showing determination to stop beating around the bush and go straight for the heart with an abundance of rich and warm melodies."


"The Jorgensens’ “Storyville” is a lovely, soulful song about The Big Easy. It’s a song that, justly, sounds like the region it describes....

“Storyville” is one satisfying journey to the past."

-Dan MacIntosh

"If you look at “Storyville” as a book, this is just the beginning as The Jorgensens have plenty of unwritten chapters ahead...the connection is real and their new song is instant Gold."

- Jimmy Rae

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